We’re happy to announce that The Antithesis Collective’s Call for Manuscripts has been extended until July 2011! Please don’t forget to check our updated Guidelines for the Call!


The Call for Manuscripts will be open for three to six months, depending on the turnout. The Collective will then read all submissions individually and as a quorum. Afterwards, the submitted manuscripts will be placed in Purgatory, awaiting its descent to any of the following levels of Hell:

A. First level of Hell: FOR EDITING – Your manuscript will be subjected to a test-read by five writers and five non-writers. Their feedback and opinions will be vital in polishing your work before it hits the press.

B. Second level of Hell: FOR IDEA DEVELOPMENT – Your manuscript is good but it can be better. We are willing to work with you for that to be a reality. We cannot promise that we will publish your work as soon as we finish re-working, but it will be prioritized once we open another call for manuscripts.

C. Third level of Hell: DENIAL – Your manuscript needs MAJOR re-working and perhaps you need to go back to the drawing board.

Should your manuscripts be slated for editing, we have no qualms meeting with you and having several brainstorming and editing sessions. In fact, we’ll do anything (go on road trips, stalk ex-lovers and their new mukhang-paa-beaus, pollute our lungs with nicotine and tar) to make sure you can squeeze more ideas out of your little pot-holed imagination if that means bettering your manuscript.