Q: What kind of work can I submit?

A: You can submit your manuscript in any form: short story, poetry, script, etc., for as long as it’s original and has never been published. You can check out our guidelines once the call for submission officially opens.

Q: Is there a theme I need to follow?

A: Themes are for butchering ideas, so no. We do not confine our calls to specific themes.

Q: What happens to my submitted work?

A: Your work will be dissected by the Antithesis Collective. As mentioned earlier, the collective is made up of five members with varying interests and tastes.

Q: How will the panel members (i.e. the collective) work?
A: The collective will assess your work individually, and then discuss it as a quorum. Should the collective like your submission, it would be subjected to a test read. There are currently 10 Antithesis Collective test readers – five writers & five non-writers.

Since we are a start-up publishing company using our own financial resources to make this project work, we are limited to publishing only one manuscript for this year: that which passes the announced call. At best, you can submit three of your manuscripts and we will see how it pans out.

Q: How long will the collective accept manuscripts?

A: The call for manuscripts will be open for 3 to 6 months depending on the turnout.

Q: How will we know which submitted work will be published?

A: We will be updating this site, our Facebook and Twitter accounts regularly.

Q: My manuscript was chosen, now what?

A: Provided that you have signed the necessary contracts (Memorandum of Agreement, Right to Publish among many others), The Antithesis Collective will be working with you to make the manuscript even better. This means that we’ll have numerous editing sessions, brainstorming and discussions about your work. Basically, it’s like you’ll have a wife that you can divorce, but won’t. The Call for Submission Guidelines will shed more light on this.

Q: If my work was chosen, do I get paid for it?

A: Yes. The usual writer’s compensation will be honored assuming your work is chosen.

Q: How many copies of the book will be printed for selling?

A: For the initial run, we will be printing 300 copies of your book. More copies can be printed depending on the demand. Marketing, launching and other promotional activities shall be handled by the Collective,but chipping in your social capital would also be appreciated.

Q: Cool! Where can I buy the published book?

A: Not in bookstores for we won’t course the published book through traditional venues (bookstores and all that). Instead, we will accept orders for it online and we will deliver the purchased book door-to-door if possible or by courier. We have chosen this approach because we want to have a more intimate relationship with our customers – we want to meet them personally that is if they also want to meet us personally. I guess, you can call it postmodern eye-balling.