We officially launched The Antithesis Collective Publishing Co. last Saturday, April 9, at the Schizo Art Café and our happy hormones are still shoulder-thumping us from what we concluded as a rather successful launch.

The adrenaline high from talking in front of people about something we’re passionate about, regardless if these people were our closest friends and acquaintances, is awesome. It really is. To have been given that platform to express our dreams, even for just a few minutes, is such a rare experience. And we are all grateful.

Another thing we’re grateful for are our talented friends and guests who donned their gutsy armors and shared with the group a few of their materials, from the wrist-slash inducing to erotica poems that makes one want to smoke.

So again, thanks to everyone who came and had their pictures taken in our insanely large pinky finger banner! ‘Till the next event!

Schizo Art Cafe

Mr. Khavn dela Cruz reading his material


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