How To Order

So you want the book, but you aren’t sure how you should go about pre-ordering said book. You don’t have to leap through flaming hoops, run over burning coals, or sacrifice any virgins. Here’s the quick and easy and painless guide to pre-ordering from The Antithesis Collective store.

First, you’ll need to register. CLICK.

You’ll get an email that has your log in details. When you log in, you should be redirected to Your Account page. If you aren’t properly redirected, disregard the error message and just CLICK THIS LINK.

Have you indicated how many copies you would like to order? If you have, and you’re ready to go ahead with your orders, you should click the Checkout button. Fill out the necessary information. If everything’s set, click Make Purchase and you should be redirected to the Transaction Results page (with details to the available payment options).


And that should do it. If you have any problems, or experience any bugs, contact our Pest Extermination Group at info at

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