The Antithesis Collective is a fledgling publishing group that yearns to put out kick-ass books woven by the imagination of local writers.

Okay, between us and whoever you are who’s reading this, the above statement has a tinge of bullshit in it. The word ‘fledgling’ does not apply to us because that would mean we have a quiant office somewhere in Quezon City, where a small but dedicated staff punches in at 9 and clocks out at 5; that income-wise, we are out of the red and barely breaking even; and most importantly, the word ‘fledgling’ does not apply to us because that means we’ve actually published at least one book.

Honestly, we don’t really know how to describe us because the people behind the Antithesis Collective are just a bunch of nobodies whose love for reading books is only surpassed by our love for reading new books. We are not here to make something out of a dime and sell it for a buck. The Antithesis Collective is here to give awesome, deserving and aspiring-to-be-published writers a fighting chance to share their characters, stories and ideas to people (like us) who welcome new characters and stories as if they are long lost college buddies who unexpectedly showed up on their doorsteps with a couple of six packs and chips.

So to recap, the Antithesis Collective is a book publishing group that does not have an office, a staff, an actual published book and income. What we do have are metaphorical balls that clang and blind faith that you, whoever you are who’s reading this, will share with us your stories and works.