A simple question – If you were to lose one of your fingers, which would it be? We’re not soothsayers or psychics but something tells us that you’d choose the diminutive pinky finger because it doesn’t seem to have that many duties & responsibilities. Think about it, you can go on with your life without your pinky finger: you can still flip the bird whenever somebody pisses you off, wear your wedding ring, thumb-wrestle and point at someone. The pinky finger is pretty useless – well, aside from the occasional nose picking.

There is one thing though that the pinky finger can do that the other “more valuable” fingers cannot : the pinky promise. Yes, the pinky promise – a more wholesome, less brutal version of the blood compact, but just as binding and just as symbolic. But wait, there’s more to the pinky than making promises. Did you know that the pinky is the lightest part of your body? This factoid might come in handy when you’re experiencing sleep paralysis caused by a nightmare because you can wiggle your way out of acute pancreatitis by moving your pinky finger repeatedly.

Come to think of it, the pinky is not at all useless and it’s not just there for show and for aesthetic purposes. It makes promises that are stronger than oak and built on perfect trust, and who knows, it could even save your life. That bit might sound melodramatic, but it’s true, so no use fighting the drama.

The pinky finger that we proudly raise is our small way of standing up for the ordinary local writer – a pinky promise that, should you choose to gamble on us, we will always be all in.