Our Vision:

To be the vanguard in Philippine alternative book publishing

Our Mission:

  1. To provide an alternative venue for deserving local writers to get published in print and/or online so as their stories, characters and ideas will be within the reach of the thinking reader.
  2. To produce and publish literary works for the thinking audience (speculative fiction, photo poetry, flash fiction and experimental literature)
  3. To protect the creative freedom of the writer in his/her work by providing a collaborative relationship, between the writer and the publisher in terms of work submission, feedback sharing, editing, book designing and ultimately, publishing.
  4. To promote local talent / works of local writers by showcasing their written creations and works not only via publishing and personalized book selling but also through group activities like poetry reading, book clubs and launchings among many others
  5. To cultivate and promote reading, especially the works of local writers, and at the same time providing thinking readers with more reading options

Our Mission Statement:

We, the Antithesis Collective, dedicate ourselves to providing deserving local writers with an alternative venue to get their works published and read through the practice of creative freedom, collaborative writer-publisher relationship and local writer advocacy and promotion in book publishing, thereby supplying the thinking readers’ demands for alternative reading materials.

Our Purpose: Provide an alternative venue for deserving local writers to get their works published and read

Our Business: Book publishing

Our Values: Creative freedom, Collaborative writer-publisher relationship, Local writer advocacy & promotion

Our Audience: The thinking reader